Everyone should have a collection of photographs with their children which they absolutely love

Not because it's a special occasion, but because photos that capture you at home with your baby, your rambunctious toddler on his favourite walk or your whole family in all their wonderful chaos are precious.  Time flies and there will surely come a time when you will want to remember anything and everything about these sleep-deprived years, with photos you are actually in (and not just the odd few selfies that you took with your baby on your iPhone that day in the park when you realised there weren't any photos of the two of you together). These days might feel slow, but one day it will feel like they grew up too quickly and those hastily taken selfies just aren't going to cut the mustard. You know it, I know it, and one day, your children are going to know it too.  I want you to have a set of photos that you really love and that when your children are grown up and looking through old family albums you will still really love! 

You look great just as you are.

Making people who don't "love" having their picture taken feel relaxed is my speciality. I have been making people feel relaxed in front of my camera for over 6 years and I love every single session. I want to capture your personalities and sense of fun and I do that by making sure you feel relaxed and are having a great time. I'm not about putting you in formal poses or making you feel awkward - the stories I'm looking for can't be told that way. So, if you are the camera dodging type who takes most of the photos at home, you're just who I've been looking for, because we need to talk. And the first thing you need to know is that you look great just as you are. 

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