Goodbye 2014 - a year in review

Happy New Year!

Writing this blog post has put such a big smile on my face as I look back on all the inspiring people I met and the amazing experiences I was able to call "work" in 2014. One of my absolute favourite things about my job is getting to meet lots of new people, all with a unique story to tell. It's such a privilege to be the person responsible for capturing a special moment in time for someone, and this year I've loved being at all my couples' wedding days - each one so different to the one before and all so completely awesome! I've also been lucky enough to do lots of lovely family photo shoots, couple shoots, wedding anniversary shoots, new babies, photos for internet dating profiles and soooo much more! Being a photographer of people is the best job in the world! 

I am yet to blog some of the weddings from the latter part of the year so keep checking back to see them in all their glory! A huge thank you to all the lovely lovely couples I was lucky enough to work with last year, we had a blast didn't we?! Here are some of my favourite shots from the year that was 2014 (in no particular order!):

Tammy and Tom Wedding-1097.jpg
Tammy and Tom Wedding-1098.jpg
Laura and Will Wedding-1437.jpg
Joe in Norfolk-1062.jpg
Andrea and Ilan Wedding-1000.jpg
Penny and Roy Wedding-1183.jpg
Anna and Harry-1008.jpg
Becky and Dan-1127.jpg