A natural and relaxed tipi wedding in the Suffolk Countryside

When Jane and Whisky first asked me to be their wedding photographer I actually said no! They told me that they were looking for a natural wedding photographer and for a friendly face who on the day wouldn’t be too imposing – they wanted someone they knew would blend into the crowd and get along well with their friends and family. I knew instantly that it would be a brilliant day bursting with fun and laughter, with totally delicious food and drink and music to get the toes of all generations dancing, and with personal touches and lots of creative details, since both Jane and Whisky have impeccable taste. My absolute dream wedding: just 2 people, getting married, staying true to themselves and for the wedding to reflect their personalities, and above all for it to feel relaxed and natural. This is exactly the kind of wedding I love, and natural wedding photography is my speciality. So why on earth did I say no?! Well, in short it was because Jane is one of my oldest friends and I couldn’t bear the idea of missing out!!


But then I thought about it, and I thought about how honoured I feel to capture the weddings of so many couples just like Jane and Whisky, and how lucky I feel that couples that share my passions ask me to be there on their wedding day. It never ceases to amaze me how my perfect couples always seem to find me and how well we get on when we meet and I always tell people that their wedding photographer should feel like a friend. I am extremely lucky to get lots of referrals when brides I’ve worked with recommend me to their friends - it’s such a compliment when I’m fortunate enough to photograph the weddings friends of previous brides, and sometimes even a whole friendship group! I thought about how much I enjoy getting to know each and every couple’s story, meeting their family and friends during bridal prep and capturing the full range of emotions that are on show on wedding day, not to mention recording all the details which are so often the product of many hours of creativity of so many loved ones involved in the day and I realised that I couldn’t NOT say yes to this wedding, so I called Jane straight back to tell her so!


And before we knew it we were excitedly planning the kind of coverage she would like for her natural and relaxed wedding in the stunning Suffolk countryside. When the day itself came I didn’t stop smiling all day, and not once did I feel like I missed out. Wild flower fields, tipis, haybales, a firepit and LOTS of dancing. In the 30 degree heat. By Jane. Who was 7 months pregnant and still looked ABSOLUTELY. AND TOTALLY. GORGEOUS! (And as someone who definitely waddled through the latter stages of pregnancy I can honestly say I’ve no idea how she did it!). Feast your eyes! xxx