Natural family photographer London - Autumn photos in Wanstead

Have I ever mentioned that I get an INSANE amount of job satisfaction from every single shoot I do? Weddings, families, branding photos - I love it all!

It could be down to the fact that I love helping people who love poring over photos as much as me. I’m the kind of person who loves stumbling across really old photos, if they’re of perfect strangers the first thing I do is turn it over to see if there’s a name, a date or any information about who they might have been, before spending half an hour gazing at it, profiling everything I can about the life they might have been leading and what they were thinking in the moment the photo was taken. And then what they did after the photo was taken, who their loved ones were, where they lived, the full shebang! I’m a bit of a die hard romantic and a complete sucker for life stories and alongside creating endless photo montages and albums of my school friends (all I see now are the dreadful haircuts and fashion statements we made), stories about people have always captivated me. To now be able to create my own photographic memories of the lives we’re all living, to look back on when time slows down a bit, for our families to treasure and one day for a complete stranger to one day find and pore over and smile is kind of mind blowingly awesome to me.

It’s VERY PROBABLY also at least in part because I’m so passionate about all the awesome women I work with, and I really believe we all deserve to treasure a set of photos of this crazy ride that will remind us down the line who we are today. I’m definitely a people person and getting to meet and photograph so many awesome people is one of the best perks. I love that I have such a great connection with my clients and that each session we do is like a chapter in your story.

The biggest compliment I can ever receive is getting referred on by so many of my clients to their friends, as well as becoming the regular photographer to so many families who book me year after year because they want to slow time down a little. Earlier in the Autumn I was delighted to be asked by this gorgeous family for a jaunt around our local woods in Wanstead park - it was their second session with me and we had the best time, wellies on and exploring the forest paths! Here are a few from the session - it was lovely to celebrate 5 years of family life and these photos will hopefully serve as a lifelong reminder of who these curious, independent and downright fabulous little ladies were in this moment.

Sara DalrympleComment