Islington family photographer: a newborn photo session in Highbury Fields

Highbury Fields in the best light winter has to offer - December in Islington doesn’t get much better than a bright, crisp morning and a hot coffee to stroll along with!

Having a new baby can be exhausting (trust me, I remember!!) but I always found getting out and about helped me to feel sane again. Isn’t it amazing how much better we can all feel after a brisk winter walk and some sunshine on our faces?!

There is NOTHING more magical than a new baby, and whoever you are, I fervently believe that the more photos you have of the early days with your baby, the better! It’s a time that passes by in such a blurry fug, and one day you wake up and your baby is 3 months / 3 years / not a baby at all anymore, and you wonder where on earth the time went! Having a collection of beautiful photos of you and your baby to look back on is such a precious thing to have, and I’m constantly telling people with new Mum friends to take photos of them with their babies - they’ll thank you for it later!

I can’t wait to share more images from this little session soon!

Sara DalrympleComment