Natural Family Photography London for Mums


Are you the designated photo taker in your family? Do you duck every time you see a camera being pointed in your direction? If you are nodding away, trust me, I understand and in fact so much so that it's the reason for today's blog post! Ever ince having my 2 little boys I've really forced myself out of my comfort zone and tried to get into lots more photos, not because I love it but because looking back on my old family photos is one of my favourite things to do and even though they may not pore over these pictures yet, I feel sure that one day my boys will LOVE the collection of memories I am making for them. 

We Mums with all our love, patience, kindness and ball juggling do tend to put everyone else first, don't we? We want to capture it all, to document every step in baby's life but we barely ever make it into the family photos ourselves.  I want us all to have photos that capture the crazy, the beautiful and the fleeting moments that seem to go way too fast and that we really love. Beautiful, natural photos to show them what we looked like back when they were babies will mean the world to them one day, just as much as we'll want to remember what they looked like back when they were tiny. 

If you (like me) are someone who has very few photos with your children which you actually like then I really recommend considering booking in a session with a professional to capture some natural, unposed shots of family life. Doing so means you will gain some photos taken by someone who understands what the most flattering angles are, and how to make you look and feel fantastic. I am ALL about capturing families in a natural and relaxed setting. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, posed or staged. I want you to be happy when you look back on these photos, whether that's tomorrow or in years to come. To see your real life documented, the full story of this chapter in your lives, and all the little details that you may not remember in years to come. 

Hopefully you can tell by now that ensuring other Mums like me have a collection of beautiful, natural photos with their children to love and treasure is something that is super important to me. If you've been thinking about booking a session and would like to ask any questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch, I would love to hear from you! 

Sara x