Personal Branding Photographer London: what IS personal branding photography?

Happy Monday you lovely lot!

Since I’ve been getting more and more enquiries for bespoke business photography aka personal branding photography, I thought I’d do a quick blog post detailing a bit more about the types of photo we concentrate on during these sessions, which are such a great way for small businesses and brands to communicate and build connection with more of their ideal clients - I hope it helps!

Personal branding photography is the perfect way to tell the story of your business and your brand. As we all know, having a strong online presence is more important than ever before so my personal branding sessions are all about showing off all the things that make your brand YOU in a fun and natural way! If you’re wondering whether a personal branding photography session might be right for your business, please click here for more information!

Here are just a few example topics to think about ahead of a personal branding session.


    The most important part of your brand is YOU! Your ideal clients will be drawn to stories and things about you that they can relate to, and photos that show who you are are the perfect tool to help with that.


    Gorgeous photos of your workspace give your audience a sneak peek of your process! This could be your desk, the area in which you work, even your sofa or a coffee shop if you work from a laptop! It's also worth including photos which bring your creative process to life. Clients buy what they see, so if you sell products, let's capture those in our session too.


    This is where we showcase your individuality and things that make you different!

    Showing key reference points sets you apart from everyone else and act as hooks to

    your ideal client, and the great news is, it can be anything from being a committed yogi

    to loving 80s music - share your hidden talents, guilty pleasures and stories here! For me it’s SUNSHINE!!!!

I hope this helps! You can get in touch with me anytime if you have any questions on how to up level your brand and grow your business with some fresh new photos to showcase your business!

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