London family photographer: why I love at home newborn photography

As a London family photographer who loves to shoot lifestyle rather than studio-based photography I’ve shared my love for capturing babies and families naturally many times. Often this means enjoying the outdoor spaces we are so blesses with in London, but when it comes to newborns, I’ve grown really fond of at-home sessions.

Here are my top reasons why!

  1. In the first few weeks after having a baby, your home is the place you spend more time than anywhere else with your brand new baby, so naturally that’s something I want to document for you as a new family!

  2. Even though the days (and nights!) can feel sooooo long in the beginning, the years sure do pass with lightening speed, so anything we can do to record these early days and the surroundings you were in when your baby was tiny will be a lovely reminder in years to come!

  3. Us Londoners don’t half tend to move around! The home we bring our baby back from the hospital to, won’t necessarily be the place we raise them into adults - so it’s really nice to have visual memories of baby’s first home to show them later on (since they won’t remember!)

  4. Photographing your newborn baby at home is THE MOST meaningful place to be in my opinion - everyone feels comfortable and we can change outfits / stop to feed / baby can nap as necessary, with minimal fuss or upset.

  5. If you live close to a favourite park or woodland, it’s lovely to capture some of this local outdoor space as well, so for most people a mixture of at-home and outdoor photography works really well, but everyone is different and I’m very happy to work with individual needs!

Here are a few photos from a recent newborn session in North London - WHAT A POPPET this little lady was! I’m soo happy to know that this family already have a gorgeous frame on their wall filled with photos from this session :-)

London baby photographer-1034.jpg
London baby photographer-1001.jpg
London baby photographer-1027.jpg
London baby photographer-1005.jpg
London baby photographer-1004.jpg
London baby photographer-1009.jpg
London baby photographer-1013.jpg
London baby photographer-1057.jpg
London baby photographer-1023.jpg
London baby photographer-1020.jpg
London baby photographer-1031.jpg
London baby photographer-1029.jpg
London baby photographer-1032.jpg
London baby photographer-1033.jpg
London baby photographer-1036.jpg
London baby photographer-1039.jpg
London baby photographer-1014.jpg
London baby photographer-1040.jpg
London baby photographer-1041.jpg
London baby photographer-1059.jpg
London baby photographer-1045.jpg
London baby photographer-1049.jpg
London baby photographer-1054.jpg