Fresh and modern headshots in London

I have always been a huge supporter of other small businesses and of people following their dreams of doing what they love. So naturally, small businesses and brands are some of my FAVOURITE people to work with!

I’m such a big believer in infusing your brand with a healthy dose of YOU, and letting your personality shine in all that you do, so I really believe that we all should show off who we are across our websites and social media platforms. To me, this all starts with a headshot that makes your heart sing and that you can use wherever you’d like your clients to see you and identify with you. To be clear, I’m not talking about a stuffy, forced, corporate style headshot, I’m talking about the very opposite! Photos of you that make you feel confident, happy and that really reflect YOU. Think colourful and creative backdrops, beautiful natural light and an area that is relevant to you and your business.

Here are my top 3 tips for getting a BRILLIANT headshot that you will be dying to show off!

1) think about the 3 words that best describe your personality or brand (or even better, ask your friends or clients to tell you!). Keeping these words front of mind during a session will allow you and your photographer to create bespoke images that really represent who you are!

2) wear an outfit you feel comfortable, but amazing in! Embrace pops of colour and your favourite lipstick - and if trainers are your favourite, wear those too! The key here is to wear the kind of clothes you would wear if you were meeting your ideal client in real life.

2) Choose a photographer you really connect with as a person, as then your session will feel more like meeting up with a friend than something you should in any way feel nervous of! If you are someone who is camera shy, ensure you work with a photographer who has lots of tricks up her sleeve. Over the years I’ve developed a specialised way to work so that it barely even feels as though you’re having your photo taken, as I know that when I’m being photographed the last thing I want to feel is posed!

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