Personal Branding Photos in London

Are you showing your dream clients exactly how you can help them?

Well, just like that it’s Spring already and we’ve made it through another winter, huzzah! Can you tell I’m just a little bit pleased about that?! Lighter evenings and this time of year ALWAYS fills me with positivity and puts an extra bounce in my step…is anyone else feeling the same?!

Lately I’ve been doing lots of personal branding shoots and they are getting me all fired up! I’m absolutely loving meeting so many brilliant women and telling their brand stories through my photos, and seeing how they then get used to promote so many fantastic businesses on websites, Instagram and across my clients’ marketing materials! I LOVE being a personal branding photographer because I really believe in the importance of showing up in a personal way across our websites and social media platform - it’s SO important to show our audience and ideal clients who the person or people behind the business is, and that’s what personal branding photography is all about!

I recently took the following photos of the very wonderful Balance Social ladies during a recent talk they give at Mothers Meetings at HQ. Balance Social are a trio of supportive and insightful women who are on a mission to help we social media users to use social media productively without letting it take over our lives. During their workshops and talks they cover so much ground about Instagram and how to use it in the best way for business. It’s SO important to set boundaries from these highly addictive little apps that have become ever so important for all of us small business owners! I love Instagram as much as the next person, but if we’re not careful we can lose HOURS a day to this one little app, which we all know can’t be good for us! So if you're a small business in London I HIGHLY recommend attending one of these workshops, these ladies have such a calming way of teaching and cover so much material - so so useful!

If you’ve recently set up in business or haven’t updated your website photos for a while, here are a couple of ideas for things you can do to help make your brand story bounce off the page for your ideal clients!

  • Take some photos of you in action! Showing your followers how you do what you do brings them on your journey, which is a good thing when it comes to building trust!

  • Show an up to date, high quality photo of you taken in good light and that you really LOVE. It’s so important to show your face online regularly when it comes to promoting your business, and how can you do this confidently if you don’t have a photo of yourself that makes you feel AMAZING?!

  • Capture a photo that shows you doing something you love - this could be anything from drinking your favourite drink to doing your favourite things - if you love yoga, whack on the athleisure and show up on Instagram wearing it, if you’re more of a book reader, show your audience what you’re reading and invite them to share what they’re reading!

  • Fun fact! Share something about you that your followers may not know about you - I LOVE reading posts like this online, they always draw me in, and they’ll draw in your ideal clients too, as we all love to know more about each other!

Keep up the brilliant work Balance Social - I hope these photos help build up your bank of images of you doing what you’re so great at and help you when posting on Instagram, anything that saves you a bit of time is a WIN in my book!

You can see more about my personal branding and headshot sessions here, and if you have any questions at all I’d love to hear from you!

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