Islington Baby Photographer - a natural and relaxed family session at home

Is there anything better after having a baby than whiling away the hours staring at your newborn at home, barely getting dressed or knowing what time or day it is and enjoying the break from working life with a well deserved mat leave featuring all the coffee and cake your heart desires? I absolutely loved maternity leave, and was suddenly able to spend so much more time out and about in my local area of Stoke Newington at the time. I took so many walks while my baby in the buggy, and spent almost all my time outdoors. But before you know it, your newborn baby is 9 months old and you wonder where the time has gone - and that’s exactly when this lovely family got in touch, as they wanted to capture some photos of their daughter, at home in Islington.

As you’ll know by now if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, my photography style is all about capturing real life moments in natural settings - I don’t want to make anyone I’m photographing feel awkward or posed. I’m a pretty sentimental type, so I’m all about real smiles and real memories. Like any other mother, I know just how quickly time suddenly picks up its pace and runs away, so each dedicated session that captures some mini snapshots of time of a Mum with her baby is an absolute joy and a privilege. I try to make time to have my own family snapshots taken at least twice a year, and I couldn’t recommend more Mums do the same and get in the frame with their little (or not so little) ones. It’s such a joy to look back on these photos as the years whizz past, and who doesn't love sticking photos in family albums?