You may well tell me when we meet that you don't love having your photo taken. And trust me, I get it. Most of us see a camera and duck (no, just me then?!). That's why it's MEGA important to me that you have a brilliant photography experience that makes you feel relaxed, happy and that you will love from start to finish. 

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Add in a timeline of what to expect?

I love connecting with new people and forming friendships with my clients rather than "just" being their photographer. I firmly believe that to have the best experience you need to have someone around who you like, who you feel natural around, and who you can laugh with. 

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The lovely people that find me and bring me into their lives to tell their stories do so because they place real importance on beautiful photography, spending time with their loved ones and having fun.

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Capturing who you really are in stunning natural lighting is far more important to me than any traditional, posed shot. 

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Are you getting married YOUR WAY and looking for a photographer who will blend in with your friends and family and capture all the fun and emotion of your day?

Would you like to create some natural and relaxed photos of you with your loved ones that you absolutely ADORE?

Would like to find a photographer who brings joy and passion and feels like someone that you can be actual friends with?